Friday, March 12, 2010


Spring Break has finally arrived. I really thought a few students in my last class of the day might spontaneously combust this afternoon! It has been a long week. On top of dealing with unruly teenagers who cannot get the beach and the sunshine off of their mind, Buddy had the stomach virus. I have decided that some research doctors need to get on the move and find a cure for that illness. I would rather deal with anything than that. Seriously. Anything. Poor Buddy threw up all over the back seat of my car, and that included his sister. Yuck. Peanut was a trooper about it. I've got my fingers crossed that she doesn't get sick now, too. I've felt pretty puny all day. We were supposed to leave to go camping today, but we have decided to wait a day or two and make sure all of the sickness is gone from our house first. Since our trip is with two other families I'm sure they would appreciate our not bringing that bug with us on vacation.

We had a triumph this week in the midst of the madness. Peanut has become a pro bike rider. The training wheels are off and with just about 15 minutes of practice, that girl was off to the races! She was riding on pavement, grass, gravel, dirt - jumping curbs. Peanut is not a daredevil - in fact she is quite the opposite. Hubby and I actually had to make her a little mad by calling her chicken before she started to make an effort with the bike. When it comes to adventure, she won't be the first one to sign up. I'm sure that as she gets older, I will be thrilled with this aspect of her personality! :)

Hubby let me rest all afternoon and evening today. He took the kids to the park to play after school and then did dinner and bed with them so that I could feel less puny. I have watched a movie and plenty of SEC basketball. Good times. I'm hoping that we can take off on our trip in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed with me!!! Ciao!

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