Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Been a While

Hello, folks. It's been quite a while since I logged on last. I am happy to report to you that my stressful events are over for this school year. The fundraising event that I was in charge of this year brought in more than $150,000!!! I am amazed daily by the students I teach. 40 high school students worked together to bring in more than $150,000 to find a cure for cancer. Truly amazing. I believe that proves the theory that truly anything is possible when there is focus and drive. The second stressful event that is now past is the prom. I am no longer in charge of that whole process. I handed those responsibilities to my best friend last year. But, because she is my best friend and I love her, I was stressed for her. The prom was a HIT!!!! The venue was awesome. The band was awesome. The students were awesome. This time of year gets tricky, though. I have to stay focused and try to keep spring fever at bay. :)

Peanut had her first soccer tournament this past weekend. She is 7, but she played with a 9 and 10 year-old team. She did so well!!! I know I am biased, but she absolutely blows me away with her skill. She is able to juke players 3 years older!! In her first game, she received the PLayer of the Game patch. This is quite an honor, as the opposing team gets to pick the player to receive the patch. I really and truly could not have been prouder this weekend.

Buddy had a big week, too. He took a nap every day at day care this past week. As his prize, he got a Power Ranger soccer ball. Hubby took him to the soccer field on Friday so he could kick the ball and run around. Hubby also gave Buddy a haircut. OMG!!! When BUddy came inside, Peanut told Hubby that he balded Buddy!!! Seriously, Buddy has no hair. Good thing he is super cute!!!

Oh yeah - Hubby's team won the tournament they played in this weekend. Good stuff.

I hope this post finds you well. Ciao!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am stressed, people. STRESSED!!! Relay for Life, a fundraiser for cancer research, has become quite the event at my workplace. This year, my boss asked me to be in charge of this $165,000 event. Yes, you read that dollar figure correctly. The students have been working so hard to raise money for this worthwhile cause. And believe it or not, this is only our second semester charity!!! The event is this Saturday, and I am SO ready for it to be over. I am sure the event will go well - the kids have worked too hard for it not to go well - but I'm just not sure in this economy the kids are going to hit their mark. Bringing money in at all this year has been slow, and their goal is quite lofty. I hope I am able to report to you that we made it - say a prayer for us!!!

The family is well. Peanut is going to play as guest player in her first soccer tournament next weekend. She is 7, and she will be playing with 10 year olds. I was concerned about the age difference until I saw her practice with the older girls. I know I am biased, but Peanut is AWESOME! She is going to do so well. It makes my heart so happy to watch her play and excel. Hopefully she will continue to improve and more importantly, continue to love playing the sport.

After this weekend, I promise I will be more regular in my posts. Until then, [ray that I survive Relay and that the kids make their goal, or at least come close!!! Ciao!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

And, I'm Back

Well folks, this past Spring break did not turn out to be a memorable vacation. Actually, that's not true at all. It was memorable, just not in a pleasant way. The morning we were to leave on our vacation, Peanut woke up with the stomach bug, and Hubby woke up with strep. So, I spent the first couple of days nursing all of my babies back to health. By the end of the week, I had strep throat too. We were able to salvage a couple of days - we spent one afternoon at the Montgomery Zoo. Peanut and Buddy rode the train, saw all the animals, and played on the big, shady playground. The next day was ugly and rainy, so we decided to head to Chattanooga to the Children's Museum and then to the Aquarium. I was so glad we were able to do something fun. The weather here at home was dreadful during the week. The sun literally did not come out for six straight days. It was cold and dreary. So when I tell you it was a forgettable vacation, I'm not kidding.

Our first week back at school has also been adventurous. Yesterday I took Buddy to the ENT to have the tubes in his ears removed. Ear tubes are supposed to fall out on their own after a year or two, but Buddy's got stuck in his ear canal. I thought he would be given some happy gas, but no - the doc just dug right into his ears to get them. Yikes!!! Buddy screamed his little head off. Neither one of us was a happy camper when the process was over. This story does have a happy ending, though - a happy meal and some fun out in the sun later, Buddy was happy as could be.

Luckily, the weather here seems to be improving. We actually have had lots of sunshine this week and very reasonable temperatures. Here's hoping that weather sticks around (though even as I write this it is storming!). I hope this post finds all things right in your world. Ciao!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well, folks, the finger-crossing did not work. Peanut woke up with the virus this morning. To top that off, Hubby has come down with strep. Needless to say, we will not be going on vacation anytime soon. I will play doctor to both Hubby and Peanut and keep-away with Buddy.

Just wanted to provide an update. I'll be signed off for a while to take care of the family. Ciao.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Spring Break has finally arrived. I really thought a few students in my last class of the day might spontaneously combust this afternoon! It has been a long week. On top of dealing with unruly teenagers who cannot get the beach and the sunshine off of their mind, Buddy had the stomach virus. I have decided that some research doctors need to get on the move and find a cure for that illness. I would rather deal with anything than that. Seriously. Anything. Poor Buddy threw up all over the back seat of my car, and that included his sister. Yuck. Peanut was a trooper about it. I've got my fingers crossed that she doesn't get sick now, too. I've felt pretty puny all day. We were supposed to leave to go camping today, but we have decided to wait a day or two and make sure all of the sickness is gone from our house first. Since our trip is with two other families I'm sure they would appreciate our not bringing that bug with us on vacation.

We had a triumph this week in the midst of the madness. Peanut has become a pro bike rider. The training wheels are off and with just about 15 minutes of practice, that girl was off to the races! She was riding on pavement, grass, gravel, dirt - jumping curbs. Peanut is not a daredevil - in fact she is quite the opposite. Hubby and I actually had to make her a little mad by calling her chicken before she started to make an effort with the bike. When it comes to adventure, she won't be the first one to sign up. I'm sure that as she gets older, I will be thrilled with this aspect of her personality! :)

Hubby let me rest all afternoon and evening today. He took the kids to the park to play after school and then did dinner and bed with them so that I could feel less puny. I have watched a movie and plenty of SEC basketball. Good times. I'm hoping that we can take off on our trip in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed with me!!! Ciao!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only one more week...

Spring Break is so close...only one more week. I actually had a student tell me this past Tuesday that we should not start a new unit in history because "it's almost Spring Break." Really? Apparently that student thought it would be great for us to stare at each other for two weeks. Right. Needless to say, the kids weren't happy when I launched into the 1950s. :)

Peanut and Buddy are doing well. Peanut got into trouble at school this past week - first time ever. She talked while her teacher was talking. Big no-no. When we asked her what she thought her punishment should be, she decided no tv for the week and no going to soccer with Hubby. She was pretty hard on herself. I'm so proud of her - she stuck to her punishment and never complained. She told me today in the car that she took her punishment seriously. That made me smile. :)

Buddy and I went to a soccer game tonight. He jumped on the track mats by the field and was in heaven for two hours. It was so cold, though!!! He looked a bit like the marshmallow man!

Well, that's all for now. Ciao!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been so busy the last week or so. This is the time of the school year where all of my commitments start catching up with me...Sadie Hawkins, Prom, Relay for Life...apparently I am cursed with the inability to say no. I come by it honestly - my father has the same curse. :) I guess it's a good thing that I love my job!!

This is also the time of year that heat's up for Hubby as well. His soccer season has resumed and Peanut's will in the next week or two. The good thing about all of this busy time is that it makes the end of the school year fly by for me. We are in the last week of our 3rd grading period which means only one to go!!!!

I'm also happy to report that Buddy seems to be making some progress with his whininess. I hope I am not speaking too soon...I really do not want to repeat the last couple of weeks.

The braces are on and they are a pain. I have not eaten anything solid in a week. The good side is that I've lost 4 pounds. The bad side is that I am really hungry. I really thought I would be in better shape after a week, but sadly, I was mistaken. It's really not even that my teeth are too sore, but more that my teeth don't touch anywhere except right in the front. I guess I could nibble on things like a rabbit, but the mental image of that is so ridiculous. Oh well. One week down - seventeen months and three weeks to go. :)

That's all I've got to report for now. Ciao!