Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Adventures

Today, the Bama Backs were a bit adventurous. While I worked on sheet-rocking and mudding our new great room, Hubby and the kids went climbing. We live right down the street from a wonderful nature preserve. Hubby and Peanut have been hiking there regularly this winter - Peanut loves the waterfalls. Today, Buddy got his chance to go, too. Apparently he is a natural climber. Neither Peanut nor Buddy showed much hesitation in taking off up the face of a boulder. Wish I could have been there to see it myself, but Hubby took lots of pictures. I was home trying to make some progress on our great room. I just didn't want to get lazy about it. Once we broke down the walls and had new flooring put down, it was easy to say that the room was "finished enough." I forced myself to get work done today. We are hosting a party for the Super Bowl next week, and I really want at least a coat of primer on the walls and all of the moulding and trim put on. That might be a lofty goal for a work week, but it's a goal nonetheless.

The kids are all settled in their beds, sleeping away. Hubby and I are watching football and eating peanut butter ice cream pie - a well-earned treat from our adventurous day. I will post some pictures of our great room, but only after I finish. That will be soon. I promise. Hopefully. We'll see. :) Ciao!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Weekends

I love weekends. I especially love weekends when I don't have much to do. Winter weekends are really nice because Hubby has a break between soccer seasons, so we get to have lazy Saturdays. This winter Peanut has been playing indoor soccer, so we have had some responsibility. Her games have been so exciting. Who knew U-8 soccer games could be so fun? Hubby has been coaching her - he's such a devoted Dad. He's patient and that's something I'm not. Maybe that's why we're a good pair. :) Right now Peanut is playing with one of her good friends from her team. I think they have played together after every game this season. Hubby and Buddy are taking a nap together and I'm wrapped in my Sunggie watching Alabama basketball. Days like these are why I love weekends.

Soon enough we won't have these lazy days. Hubby's soccer season will be in full swing, as will Peanut's. And soon enough, Buddy will have activities of his own and the Mommy taxi will be on the road full time. But now I can enjoy snuggling with Buddy after he wakes up from his nap (he is grumpy as ever at that time - he has to snuggle for a while to wake up) and listening to the laughter of Peanut as she plays so carefree. Lazy weekends make me want to freeze time. Looking at my children and watching them grow up so fast makes me want to freeze time. My Mom tells me that time will only pass faster as I get older. Writing this blog helps me freeze time - posting pictures of Peanut and Buddy lets me look at them just as they were in that very minute the picture was taken - frozen forever in time.

Well, I've been awfully sentimental today. I'm gonna go now and enjoy some more of my lazy Saturday. I hope you enjoy yours as well. Ciao!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Family

Well, here we are. The Bama Backs - Me, Hubby, Peanut (daughter), and Buddy (son). This picture was taken in North Carolina last spring on one of our many family adventures. On this day in particular, we drove around for about 8 hours in search of "cool" waterfalls. We like to be outside, and oddly enough (considering our Southern locale) we love cold weather. That said, we have really been enjoying this unusually cold winter.
This month has been a particularly busy one for us. We are in the midst of a pretty big DIY home renovation. We have taken down two walls to create a large family room, and we have put hardwood floors down in place of the old, nasty carpet. With two young ones running around the house, the carpet was impossibly dirty. In fact, it sort of looked like a world war was fought on the den carpet. Yuck. The hardwoods are beautiful, and most importantly, CLEAN!!! We still have mudding, sanding, and painting to go, but the drywall is in place so the room is starting to feel done. January is also our anniversary month, Hubby's birthday month, termite bond renewal month (yes, I did just put those things together), and car tag renewal month. Needless to say, we may be eating ramen noodles for this last week!!!
That's all for now. It's Thursday, which means Peanut has a spelling test tomorrow. Time to study. Ciao!

My First Blog

This is my first attempt at blogging. I've been reading the blogs of many of my friends and families, and I thought - what the heck? - and decided to give this a go. We are a regular, run-of-the-mill, middle-class American family. I'm a teacher and my husband works with computers. We have two children that absolutely crack us up!!!! Maybe they will you, as well. I will share some of our stories - our everyday life. Hopefully, you will find us entertaining. :)