Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Adventures

Today, the Bama Backs were a bit adventurous. While I worked on sheet-rocking and mudding our new great room, Hubby and the kids went climbing. We live right down the street from a wonderful nature preserve. Hubby and Peanut have been hiking there regularly this winter - Peanut loves the waterfalls. Today, Buddy got his chance to go, too. Apparently he is a natural climber. Neither Peanut nor Buddy showed much hesitation in taking off up the face of a boulder. Wish I could have been there to see it myself, but Hubby took lots of pictures. I was home trying to make some progress on our great room. I just didn't want to get lazy about it. Once we broke down the walls and had new flooring put down, it was easy to say that the room was "finished enough." I forced myself to get work done today. We are hosting a party for the Super Bowl next week, and I really want at least a coat of primer on the walls and all of the moulding and trim put on. That might be a lofty goal for a work week, but it's a goal nonetheless.

The kids are all settled in their beds, sleeping away. Hubby and I are watching football and eating peanut butter ice cream pie - a well-earned treat from our adventurous day. I will post some pictures of our great room, but only after I finish. That will be soon. I promise. Hopefully. We'll see. :) Ciao!

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