Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Family

Well, here we are. The Bama Backs - Me, Hubby, Peanut (daughter), and Buddy (son). This picture was taken in North Carolina last spring on one of our many family adventures. On this day in particular, we drove around for about 8 hours in search of "cool" waterfalls. We like to be outside, and oddly enough (considering our Southern locale) we love cold weather. That said, we have really been enjoying this unusually cold winter.
This month has been a particularly busy one for us. We are in the midst of a pretty big DIY home renovation. We have taken down two walls to create a large family room, and we have put hardwood floors down in place of the old, nasty carpet. With two young ones running around the house, the carpet was impossibly dirty. In fact, it sort of looked like a world war was fought on the den carpet. Yuck. The hardwoods are beautiful, and most importantly, CLEAN!!! We still have mudding, sanding, and painting to go, but the drywall is in place so the room is starting to feel done. January is also our anniversary month, Hubby's birthday month, termite bond renewal month (yes, I did just put those things together), and car tag renewal month. Needless to say, we may be eating ramen noodles for this last week!!!
That's all for now. It's Thursday, which means Peanut has a spelling test tomorrow. Time to study. Ciao!