Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only one more week...

Spring Break is so close...only one more week. I actually had a student tell me this past Tuesday that we should not start a new unit in history because "it's almost Spring Break." Really? Apparently that student thought it would be great for us to stare at each other for two weeks. Right. Needless to say, the kids weren't happy when I launched into the 1950s. :)

Peanut and Buddy are doing well. Peanut got into trouble at school this past week - first time ever. She talked while her teacher was talking. Big no-no. When we asked her what she thought her punishment should be, she decided no tv for the week and no going to soccer with Hubby. She was pretty hard on herself. I'm so proud of her - she stuck to her punishment and never complained. She told me today in the car that she took her punishment seriously. That made me smile. :)

Buddy and I went to a soccer game tonight. He jumped on the track mats by the field and was in heaven for two hours. It was so cold, though!!! He looked a bit like the marshmallow man!

Well, that's all for now. Ciao!

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  1. Lucky you! I wish our spring break was next's not until the week after Easter. But we did get a week for Mardi Gras back in February, so I'm not complaining...