Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am stressed, people. STRESSED!!! Relay for Life, a fundraiser for cancer research, has become quite the event at my workplace. This year, my boss asked me to be in charge of this $165,000 event. Yes, you read that dollar figure correctly. The students have been working so hard to raise money for this worthwhile cause. And believe it or not, this is only our second semester charity!!! The event is this Saturday, and I am SO ready for it to be over. I am sure the event will go well - the kids have worked too hard for it not to go well - but I'm just not sure in this economy the kids are going to hit their mark. Bringing money in at all this year has been slow, and their goal is quite lofty. I hope I am able to report to you that we made it - say a prayer for us!!!

The family is well. Peanut is going to play as guest player in her first soccer tournament next weekend. She is 7, and she will be playing with 10 year olds. I was concerned about the age difference until I saw her practice with the older girls. I know I am biased, but Peanut is AWESOME! She is going to do so well. It makes my heart so happy to watch her play and excel. Hopefully she will continue to improve and more importantly, continue to love playing the sport.

After this weekend, I promise I will be more regular in my posts. Until then, [ray that I survive Relay and that the kids make their goal, or at least come close!!! Ciao!

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