Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It has been a frustrating couple of days in the BamaBacks household. For starters, I got my braces on Monday. I was not prepared for the amount of soreness that I am experiencing. Tonight, I had mashed potatoes for dinner, and that is the most substantial thing I have eaten since Sunday. Needless to say I have been STARVING!!! I am looking at this adventure in a positive light, though. At the end of this 18 month journey, not only will I have a killer smile, no jaw pain, and fewer headaches, but I will be thin, too!!!! I have lost 3 pounds since Monday. I guess a liquid diet isn't all bad, huh?

The other point of frustration has been my little Buddy. He is 3 and 1/2, and he has a meltdown over just about everything. And I mean even little things...his hat fell off, he dropped his truck, he wants apple juice...anything. I am about at saturation level. I'm not really sure how much more of his behavior I can possibly take. I know that he will grow out of this phase and this too shall pass, but WHEN??? As I mentioned before, patience is not a virtue I possess. The only thing that keeps me going is that in his few moments of calm, I look at him and see his beautiful eyes and precious dimples. If in one of those moments of calm he and Peanut play nicely together, I remember why I wanted a second child. But the minute the tantrum starts, I forget...Maybe I should just look at his picture while he is sleeping to build up the good feeling!

On a good note, there are only 12 more school days until Spring Break. We are going camping with two of our favorite families. We all went on vacation together last year and had a blast, so I am really looking forward to this trip. We even bought two new tents!! The kids are so excited!! Maybe this trip will cure Buddy's ills - or maybe the other families will want to kill us! I will keep you posted. Ciao!

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  1. Laurenjeane I had no idea you had a blog. I stink as a friend. I just posted almost the exact same thing on mine. Weird. I'm glad to know I am not the only ONE! Love you.