Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slumber Party

Well, Peanut had her birthday party last night, one day late due to the aforementioned Snowmageddon 2010. We started at Grandma's house where she and her friends participated in a kids' cooking class. I was amazed at the amount of noise that 4 seven-year-olds can make. Hubby is very patient, which is a good thing because I have very little. In fact, sometimes I think I have none. :) From there we went to Sumo, a japanese restaurant that cooks in front of you. The kids were SO happy to see the fire, the onion volcano, to catch the shrimp, etc. I did feel a bit bad for the two couples that were seated at the table with us, but, how much romantic privacy could you want if you go to a restaurant like that? Anyhow, the kids ate well and were relatively well-behaved in public. I was really amazed at the stark differences between girls and boys at this age. The boys were into everything gross - poop, vomit, boogers, etc. - and their number one goal was to gross out everyone at the table. Boys are also so rough. They are always touching each other, pushing each other, hitting each other. I guess I got a great glimpse of what parenting Buddy will be like in a few years. Following dinner, we all returned to our house for cake, presents, and play time on the Wii. When the boys left the girls settled into Peanut's room for a movie and lots of late-night giggling.

I had a realization in the middle of all of this - I really don't like small children. That may be horrible to say as the mother of two young ones, but it's true. Of course, I love my own dearly and that love blinds me from seeing their faults. I know they are there, but I am willing to look beyond for my babies. For other people's babies, though, I'm not very patient. I teach high school for a reason - I like teenagers. They are more logical, reasonable, quiet...than a seven year old. By 9:00 last night I had already been through two glasses of wine. If Hubby hadn't been the referee most of the night, that might have been two bottles!

Oh well, I survived the slumber party. Hopefully Peanut won't want to have another one for at least a year. I am ok with the fact that I'm not that mom, the one who patiently sits and does arts and crafts, the one that plans out everyday of every school vacation day, the one that wants all the kids at my house all the time. I'll take my kids and all their friends when they are teenagers. That will give those moms who can't stand teenagers a break. :)

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