Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days

Today has been a winter wonderland here in the Ham. School was dismissed at 11:30 due to Snowmageddon 2010. For those of you not from the South, Snowmageddon counts as anything more than 1 inch accumulation. I literally laughed out loud when our school closing was announced because it wasn't even snowing at the moment. But, within the hour, about an inch had come down. I just checked our radar and there is still snow all the way back to the Mississippi state line. The kids have been outside playing since the minute we got home. We made a Bama snowman (about 1.5 feet tall) and snow angels. I put Buddy down for his nap and now I'm relaxing in my chair, heating pad on, staring out the window at all the beautiful snow. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Ciao!!!

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