Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowing Again????

I am in disbelief. It is snowing for the third time in four days here in the Deep South. This time, however, the weatherman forgot to mention that we might get a half-inch of snow. That makes for some dicey driving situations down here. Hubby is currently out coaching soccer in this. That sounds absolutely horrible to me, but he enjoys it. I sure hope he is careful coming home!!

Buddy is back in Peanut's room watching Cars. He has become quite obsessed with this movie. In fact, he can quote nearly half of it! I am amazed that he will sit as long as he does to watch because he won't sit still for any other reason. At the same time, Peanut is in my bedroom watching Disney channel. I'm not sure I was prepared for everyone to be in separate rooms watching separate things at this juncture. I guess they are just growing up faster than I want them to.

Today was a pretty run of the mill day - not much to report. So, I hope you can have a lazy evening just like me! Ciao!

1 comment:

  1. Ahh I am sure Shane is loving the snow! If only you would get enough to ski! Not to rub it in or anything but we are expected to be in the high 40s to the low 50s this week (sunny!)

    Give the kiddos a hug for me! I cannot believe how big they are!

    Love you guys!